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   Three months after Homecoming all the way into Christmas, Luna and Twilight began to take their relationship seriously.

   She would send her text messages in the day. and at night.
   "Hey. hows your day going?"

   "Thinking about you, lunch tasted weird today."

   "You look pretty today."

   "Wanna hang out?"
   "Luna, it's 10pm. Everyone should be in bed!"
   "...Wanna hang out? lol"
   "I'm tired."
   "Should i come over?"
   "Oh my god lol. You really wanna hang out don't you?" Twilight smiled at her phone screen affectionately.
   "mhm ;)."
   Applejack watched Twilight, amused. Ever since homecoming, the Magi had been acting very strangely. In a very good way, and Applejack would have to wait until Twilight felt she was ready to tell her about who it was she was smiling at. But she just couldn't help herself.
  "By the way you're making goo goo eyes at that there phone screen, i'd believe you wanted to make love t' it."
   Twilight chuckled at Applejack.
   "No, it' friend.."
   "Uhuh." AJ smiled knowingly. She wrapped herself in her sheets and said goodnight.

   "It's night time, come on. I run everything when the sun goes down."
   "Luna. please go to bed..You're making me feel wierd."
   "Wierd? Good Wierd? Or just wierd?" Luna smiled. She was sitting at her laptop, looking at smosh videos. Her phone vibrated again.
   "..I dont know :)"
   "Well you're smiling. so i guess it's the good wierd. You naughty ;)"

   Twilight blushed, and put her phone aside. That was it for messaging, she was going to bed.

   "You do realize i want you to be mine, right?"
   "yes. And i'm not stopping you."
   "Then come hang out with me! i won't bite."
   "What if you do?" Luna's eyebrows went up...'woow' Their conversations were getting even more suggestive as the days went by. Luna adored it, relished in it, and never wanted it to end. She'd gotten her sister's most valued student hot and bothered and she wanted an award for it.
   "I promise, no biting. We'll watch a movie."
   "what movie?"
   "anything you want."


   Twilight and Luna sat in Luna's beanbag, watching Nightmare of Elm Street.
   "Oh my god." she breathed as main protagonist Nancy began to dream again . Luna had seen this countless times. Twilight had only seen it once before. This gave Luna the opportunity to get closer to her. As she was paying attention to the movie, Luna leaned in and kissed Twilight on the cheek without any trouble at all. Twilight just looked at her a bit stunned before realizing that she'd kissed her. She flushed red, Luna taking her hand in hers and intertwining their fingers.
   "Too much, maybe?"
   "oh, no it's just-AH!"            
   Freddy Krueger appeared again. Twilight grabbed a hold of Luna's shirt as Freddy began to pursue Nancy. Realizing how close she was again, she smiled to herself as Luna leaned in again, this time taking in her scent behind her ear. Fidgety, Twilight got the chills from it and fought to get away, but Luna held her close and murmured into her ear.
   "Twilight, do you want to pause the movie?"
   Twi looked over her shoulder at Luna, who smiled in return. Twi got the remote and paused the movie. When she put down the remote, Luna was already there, she just turned her head, and found her lips. The first time was a bit rocky, but the second kiss was soft and gentle.
   And it sealed the deal for Twilight.
   She was head over heels for Luna.
i love this ship.
and i will go down with it.

soooooooooo yeah. chapter 5- its done, and i just need to find it. i forgot where i put it. Its somewhere deep in the dark depths of my hard drive- i dont know where all my ywriter files went man. whoo.
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PhantomSickness Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You should check your stories before posting. I understand the texts not being capilized and such, but everything else should be.
Samoschristina Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
alright, thanks!
AkwardPixieGurl Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Even though I honestly find this a bit....oddly.... written, I do love MLP humanized, and I do enjoy this ship very much, so I like it (:
Samoschristina Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
tell me what's odd and i'll fix it!
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