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   The Equestria Alicorns side of the bleachers erupted, almost knocking Twilight Sparkle over. She was in the bleachers, attending her first highschool football game. Spike was on the side, next to her, yelling and shouting about with all the frenzy. Twilight didn't understand why the crowd was going crazy, but evidently something good had happened. Maybe she should pitch in?
   The green football field was littered with several players, Equestria's players in navy and gold, and the opposing team, the Manehatten Manticores wore crimson and bronze. Their mascot had been beaten to the floor by the school's mascot, Ali the Alicorn.              
   Twilight was dissapointed with the design of the costume. She'd seen many better costumes come out of elsewhere, all and around the internet. She was even a little repulsed by the Manticore mascot's costume. The manticore's nose was partially ripped, and the leather was supposed to be its wings hung like jackets on a coat hanger.
   An insult to the furry fandom, really.
   Twilight reached in her bag and took out some binoculars.. She hoped to spot her big brother, as all the football players kind of looked the same in their getup. Their names were not put in the back of their jersey's, so that made this even more challenging. It was then that Twilight realized the game was over.
The players had begun to take off their helmets. All of a sudden the field was full of color, their helmets revealing heads of green, blue, pink, and electric blue hair.            
   Twilight almost immediately pinpointed Shining Armor, who was smiling that big smile Twilight was so familiar with. He was not walking towards the gatorade stands where everyone else was, but was approached by a cheerleader.
    Twilight looked her up and down.
   "Excuse me? EXCUSE ME!" She saw Shining Armor hug her, and her plant a kiss on his cheek.
   She turned around, the very elegant cheerleader revealed herself to be Princess Cadence.
   "..OH!." Twilight recognized her from her tutoring back when she was young. This girl had stuck around when Celestia left. She would leave after Celestia, to make sure she understood everything on her homework. Cadence had been an angel to Twilight.
And here she was now, in plain sight. She'd grown up very well, no blemishes, her teeth perfect. Her cheerleading uniform fit perfectly and complimented her every curve.
She wasn't sure if she was jealous of Shining armor or Cadence. Either way she was happy for them. She only wished Shining Armor talked more about her.
   "Isn't that so romantic?! Cadence and Shining Armor are totally gonna be Homecoming King and Queen. Just watch!" said Rarity. Twilight rolled her eyes, and turned her attention towards Spike, who was smiling at Rarity. Rarity had taken notice of his odd behavior lately, and said she didn't mind at all. Twilight begged to differ, as she had noticed that spike was beginning to become a bit of a nuisance.
   Twilight was excited on this particular day however. She was excited not because of the game, but because of the dance that ensued after this game was over.
She was excited to finally meet her secret admirer, who she'd been texting the whole time. L was so excited as well. Spike had seen her smiling at her phone throughout the whole game. It made him feel a little less stressed now that this whole anonymous guy business was going to end. But just in case, he was going to stand by Twilight and keep watch. Just in case things got wierd.
   But he also had a date for the dance as well. Sweetie Belle had agreed to be his date, though he would have loved to go with Rarity. Rarity felt kind of bad that she'd gotten a date before Spike could ask her, so she designed his suit for him and made it match Sweetie Belle's dress. She also found it a little odd- Spike was taking her little sister to the homecoming dance. There was a wide variety of things going through Rarity's mind.
Rarity told Sweetie Belle about the situation between her and Spike. Sweetie Belle had just laughed and said ok, she'd be careful. The lilac eyed girl did not have a crush on Spike. However, she just wanted to go to the dance.
   Rarity'd also spoken with Twilight Sparkle this morning

That morning: -flashback-

    "Darling, are you sure this boy's bound to show up? I'd hate to see you get stood up." The look of concern on her face did not go unnoticed by Twilight, who was getting real tired of Rarity's constant worrying. She was concerned, she knew, but she was even starting to convince HER that there was no boy.
   "oh i'm sure, Rarity. Don't worry about me."
   "I can't help but. I've never met this boy before, and neither have Applejack or     Fluttershy or any of our friends. We're worried. So you know what-" she got up from the dorm sofa to stand in front of them.
   "We're going to keep an eye on you at the dance." She declared.
Twilight blushed.
   "You guys don't need to do that. He said he's gonna be there and he's sorry he couldn't get a limo in time.

end flashback

   Everyone rose from the bleachers, and made way to their cars to prepare themselves for the dance. With all the confidence she had mustered up inside, she couldn't help but feel a sliver of doubt- what if she was stood up?

   The gym was the place to be for Homecoming. Of course things were always so extravagant and elaborate with Rarity and Pinkie Pie in Key club lead positions. When combined, their forces produced lavish and beautiful results. Coming in through the hall that led to the Gym, balloons were tied to the sides of the doors. When she entered the gym, Twilight saw it had been transformed from a empty, boring, makeshift basketball stadium into an elegant ballroom. The lights were dimmed, somebody had installed a strobe light on the ceiling of the gym- unicorn magic for sure. She looked to the far end of the room, where Dj PON-3 had set up there on a table. She was grimacing at her laptop's screen, not a good sign. She was wearing a bright blue vest, dress shirt and slacks. She had refused to take off her sunglasses for reasons unknown.
   Beside her were Pinkie and Rarity, making last minute preparations. Pinkie was speaking very quickly to DJ PON-3, and Rarity was coming around to meet Twilight now. She embraced her.
   "How do you feel?"
   "Good! Good. How about yourself. Wow." She stepped back to observe Rarity in full view.
   "You look beautiful!" Twilight took in the sight of Rarity in an elegant dress. Complimented curves, a small tiara, and strapless, purple dress. It was short, went above the knees, but she pulled off the look like a charm.
   Pinkie pie ran up to her next, wrapped her in a big hug, and complimented her, and then the question came up.
   "So where's your lucky guy?" she piped up, smiling from ear to ear.
   "I don't know. I texted him just before I arrived." Twilight snapped her fingers and with that, her phone apparated in front of her. Since she didn't have any pockets, her magic would have to do. She took the phone and checked for messages.
   "He hasn't texted me back."
   "Don't worry Twi. I'm sure he's…here." Pinkie pie trailed off. She was looking over Twilight's shoulder. When Twi noticed, she herself turned around to see what had made Pinkie go silent for once.
   Standing right behind her was Princess Luna in an elegant dark blue ensemble. She was smiling at her.
   She didn't know if she should be frightened, or surprised. The presence she had in the room was encompassing. Everyone was looking at her, astonished, and curious. What ever was this Princess doing here? Wasn't she supposed to be elsewhere? If so, what occasion did this sudden reappearance demand?
   "Hello, there" Luna smiled shyly.
   "Princess Luna! what are you doing here?" Twilight smiled up at the princess. She was only a little familiar with this princess, as Celestia seldom spoke of her. She was surprised that she'd come so quietly and inconspicuously.
   "The same reason you are"
   "Oh, I'm waiting for someone who gave me this note." she had the note that L had given her in her hand.
   "It's still perfectly folded," Luna chuckled. "Your legendary skill of neatness and perfectionism are real i see."
   "Uh..sure. Would you happen to know an "L"?"
   "L?" Luna smiled at Twilight .She magically apparated a post-it note, in Twilights handwriting, not as perfectly kept, and held it up like she had a golden ticket.
   "You said yes," she watched Twilight's reaction, which made her smile fade a little.

   Twilight's eyes widened in shock.

   Her secret admirer was Princess Luna.

   How on earth did this happen and why? Twilight searched each corridor of her mind to figure out the last time she had seen Luna. She could not find a place or time. Of course she had wondered and fantasized what she would be like. And she was nothing like it. Instead of being mean spirited, stand offish, and stuck up, here stood a girl who stood at least six inches taller than her, wearing a beautiful dress probably bought from a foreign designer brand no one had ever heard of, giving her the most sincere smile she'd ever seen on anybody. Her dark blue hair was curled by iron, and shiny, her sparkling dress complimenting her curves, it being a deep dark blue. All those texts….all those conversations……..

   "'re disappointed." Luna frowned.
   "OH NO- I'm just...surprised" Twilight began to laugh.
   "This is the first time that I am speaking to you openly. I am Princess Luna." She held out her hand, and Twilight gladly took her hand and shook it.
   "Twilight Sparkle."
   "Charmed. Your dress looks lovely." Luna complimented Twilight's ensemble, a cream colored dress that Rarity had wanted to spend much more time on. As she was just beginning to implement the true design of the dress, Twilight had told her to stop. The simplicity still made Rarity cringe, but it was the customer's opinion that mattered after all.
   "Thank you! My friend Rarity made it." She motioned to Rarity who was still standing there, she quickly curtsied
   'You're Highness"
   "Oh, You don't have to do that, darling. Just call me Luna," She smiled at Rarity.
   "OH! Of course!" she laughed. She nodded at the two of them and that was a cue for both her and Pinkie to leave.
   " Shall we go?" Luna said invitingly.

   Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash grumbled the whole while as Thunderlane gathered some drinks for them.
   She watched as Big Mac danced with Fluttershy. Fluttershy seemed to be okay. and Big mac was more than just okay. Dash scowled at him.' What a thick-headed dickwad. What does a girl have to do to keep her relationship known to the public? It was a sight she never wanted to see again. She did not feel threatened by Big Mac, but rather threatened by the thought of Fluttershy having feelings for someone else.
   It didn't have to be Big Mac.
Rainbow Dash sat at the table, thinking of something to do with Thunderlane. The poor boy was prone to have not shown up at all, and she could have asked anyone in the locker rooms. But this was how things turned out. She was nudged by somebody to her left. Lyra had sat beside her, her mouth filled with food, more in her hand
  "Wuff ea'in' ya?" said Lyra.
   Rainbow Dash groaned, and Lyra leaned on her shoulder. Now that she was at Rainbow's eye level, she could see that she was looking at Fluttershy.
thah you're guhl, righ'?"
  "yeah. Why?" She didn't know how word got around, but evidently it'd reached the ears of Lyra Heartstrings, who was dressed very nicely. She'd gotten a new bow for this occasion. She swallowed the food and continued to console the distressed Avian.
"You should be happy. C'mon, it's homecoming. And she's just here with him because he asked, right? I mean, you're still together. It's not like she broke up with you or something…… Lighten up," said Lyra, who nudged her again. Lyra was a friend of Dash's. They'd seen middle school together and shared an odd bond. One that even Dash found weird. Rainbow glowered at her and just turned away, still bummed.
   She was right, Rainbow thought to herself. Suddenly as she raised her glance to the dance floor again, she found Fluttershy smiling at her. She waved shyly, and then went back to what she was doing. It was nice to know that, in the event of Big Mac getting to her first, she still acknowledged Rainbow's presence.
On the other hand, Twilight was having the night of her life, just talking with Luna.
   "And then she got her parole extended. Poor fella. And do you know what I said? THE PAROLE HAS BEEN DOUBLED!" these conversations were some she would have never thought she would be taking part of- they were happening. WITH LUNA of all people. She was, in Twilight's opinion, quite a character. Her reputation as a rebellious individual had a good side- there were always interesting stories to tell. The tale she was telling her at the moment was one of the highlights of her stay at the county jail.
   Luna looked at Twilight, who was actively listening to Luna's every word. She couldn't really tell what she was thinking by just looking at her facial expressions. Would Twilight judge her like everyone else? Or was she different, and agree to be her friend…and then perhaps more. As she told the story of the parolee whose stay had been extended, her expressions changed quite a bit. In the end, she was sure she was going to walk away and never return.
   But she stayed.
   "..aren't you wierded out?"
   "By what?"
   "By me."
   "oh. No. should i?"
   " It's refreshing to talk to someone like you, Twilight" Said Luna with a smile.            Twilight's eyes lit up.
   Did she just say talking to her was…refreshing? Twilight thought she must be dreaming, and she'd wake up any moment now. But Luna continued to tell her how much she'd been meaning to meet her.
   'Wow.' Twilight had never met anyone that was as into her as Luna was. She didn't really know what to make of it, but it was surely positive.

   The moment was short lived, as a commotion had begun at the entrance.

   "Oh please," Luna rolled her eyes at the sight before her. Her little sister Cadence had just arrived with Shining Armor. They were nominated for Homecoming King and Queen. And chances were they were going to win. As far as they were concerned, all the other contestants were nonexistent. She made her way gracefully to the concession stand to grab a drink, Shining Armor followed.
   "She looks so beautiful!" said Twilight as she observed the pair in their matching tuxedo and dress. Cadence's dress was white and yellow, and she wore a small tiara, as was much expected out of a princess.
   "I've seen better," Luna said as she gently nudged Twilight, causing her to flush red. Luna laughed as Twilight tried to cover her face.

   Cadence approached Luna and bowed. Everyone who was fawning over her stopped when she reached her older sister, who grinned at the young head cheerleader.
   "Your Highness,"
   "Oh stop that, you. Come here," Luna gathered Cadence in a warm embrace. Cadence smiled and hugged her back. The tension dropped with an audible "Aww" by some bystanders.
   "It's so good to see you out and about. I've heard good things. Is this your...friend? i suppose?" she said, motioning to Twilight.
   "Oh yes, May i present Twilight Sparkle,"
   Twilight shyly curtsied
   "Your Highness,"
   "THE Twilight Sparkle?" Cadence said excitedly. And then She noticed her date had flung himself at Twilight.
   "TWILIE!!!!!" Shining Armor gave her a big bear hug and picked her up off the ground and was now parading her about the place.
   "Shining- Shining i'm choking!" she could only say that much before the spinning around in circles commenced that sent her in a giggling frenzy.
   "Hey everybody! LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER!" he yelled. Of course, they turned heads, with nods and smiles of approval.
   "That's his sister?!" said Flitter, arms crossed, Cloudchaser looked on as well, her outfit matching Flitter's. She gawked at them until he put Twilight down and began to do the same with Princess Luna.
   "Oh-OH MY GOD-" Luna felt her feet leave the ground, Shining armor's arms wrapped around her middle.
   "Honey-Honey i don't think you should do that!" Cadence grabbed Shining Armor's arm. he scowled at her.
   "WHY NOT? she's like my sister too! Aren't you, Luna?" he put her down,
   "Sure, but. MAN. you're like a bear. haha!" Luna laughed it off.
   "So anyway- I've heard so much about you! How are you finding things here? a little complicated?"
   "Yeah, at first, but i've made some friends here and there."
   "Well that's great! i remember you and i used to spend a lot of time together! We should do that again."
   "Yeah! that'd be cool!"
   "Well i guess i'll be seeing you around then?"
   Princess Luna and Cadence exchanged a glance. A lady speaks with her eyes. Cadence was a master of the art. Her eyes darted from Luna to Twilight two times and then stopped at Luna. Luna simply nodded and smiled. Cadence paused, and then nodded, taking Shining Armor elsewhere. A few gestures carried much meaning between the two of them.
   The festivities commenced. Slyly edging herself towards the punch table, Berry bunch looked left and right, slightly paranoid. With no teachers monitoring her, now was the time to carry out this dastardly deed. She reached into her purse, produced a stainless steel flask, unhitched it, and quickly poured its contents into the punch.
   "Let it begin." She said to herself, an evil grin on her lips.

   Lyra managed to get Rainbow Dash's eyes off of Fluttershy- and got her down to the dance floor with Berry Punch. Being the Party animal she was, she quickly got Rainbow Into the groove of things. Needing instruction first, Dash discovered the joys of partying. As the crescendo of the song began to build, she ran up to the table where DJ PON-3 was stationed, and was welcomed with a gentle punch on the shoulder. Together they rocked to the beat. Just as the beat was about to drop, Dj PON-3 Punched the air in time and the drop of the bass caused a frenzy on the dancefloor. Everyone followed her example and put their fists in the air, the purple, green, and blue lights flashing in time with the song as well. The fist pumping transitioned to jumping, and then everyone broke into their own accord. DJ- PON3 went back to moderating the playlists- her arm around Rainbow Dash's shoulders. They did so until the crescendo came again.
   "Ready? READY?! DANCE-" The crowd erupted again once the chorus came around again.
    She swiftly transitioned the song into another one with a similar beat- and then it provoked a circle to be cut out in the crowd, where a boy began to b-boy. And two others came into the circle, tutting and crumping, high strung and caught up in the energy of the dance floor. The strobes began to flash in time with the snares of the music, the bass resounding throughout Twilight's body.
   'So this is what it feels like,' she thought to herself. 'This is how it feels like to truly enjoy yourself. 'She and Luna were dancing together towards the edge of the dance floor. She'd removed her shoes, and left them at their table that Luna'd gotten for them.
   "Do you wanna go towards the middle?" she said to Twilight.
   "What?" over the music and the people, she could hear absolutely nothing.
   "DO YOU WANNA GET CLOSER?" Luna said loudly. Twilight recoiled, too loud. Now      Twilight's ear drums were screaming.
   Luna saw that she'd recoiled.
   "IM SORRY!"
   "ITS OK. ITS OK. LETS GO-" they went to the end of the room, to the table they'd settled at.
   "Do you want to take a walk round the school with me?"
   "Sure." Twilight perked up.

   Together, they walked out to the hallway, and began to go at a slow pace around the campus.

   After a few minutes of dancing like a madman, twilight found herself tuckered out, Twilight was still in shock that this was Luna. Now that she'd been talking to her in real life, a small memory did return to her conscious.

   They were at Canterlot, and as the night came in in front of the Sparkle Family's hotel room, she saw Luna fly past her. She felt the air from the draft of her wings, she was so close. Luna' d kept her eyes on her for some time, even turning around to get a better look at her. And then later that night, she returned and asked Twilight if she wanted to come out and play.
   "It's night time silly! we aren't supposed to play at this time." said the young Twilight Sparkle. Luna' d smiled and said ok.
   The next night, Luna 'd made a special set of stars, and Mr. Sparkle told her to look through a telescope to locate it. After she'd found it, she was amazed as she could see Luna up in the night sky, putting the stars in place, tweaking, rotating, and polishing them with a hankie.
   She was putting them in perfect alignment with each other, standing up on a small cloud. Suddenly she tensed up, and looked around, suddenly feeling like she was being watched. Her eyes narrowed, she looked around, and finally she pinpointed and found Mr. Sparkle's telescope, her vision as sharp as a hawk's. Luna recognized Twilight, and shyly waved at the two magi on the balcony.
   "Oh, look she sees us," Mr.Sparkle laughed, and waved back at her enthusiastically, Twilight followed suit.

   Luna'd been there this whole time.

   Twilight felt really bad that she hadn't given it that much thought.

   "You know, for a while i thought you were a boy." Twilight remembered picturing what her secret admirer looked like. Male, taller, black hair, and dark skin. She'd been off the mark by a longshot.
   "Would things be different if i were a boy?" Luna said. They'd walked around the school once, and then they'd settled on a bench just outside the doors. Luna sat next to her.
   "Well...yes. but. I'm so comfortable with you...and...I didn't know you're barn door swung that way."
   "Surprised?" Luna grinned.
   "very..." Taken that she'd thought she was a boy, Twilight was taken aback. They'd had so many texts in which this information could have been revealed. Right now, Twilight wasn't sure what to feel. All she really knew was that this person really liked her, appreciated her, took interest in her hobbies, and liked books just as much as she did.    And that person just happened to be Princess Luna, someone she thought she'd never meet. Of course, Twilight was flattered that she felt like this. And of course with her adoring books just as much as she did, Twilight was already drawn in. Not that her charismatic demeanor didn't help either.
   "I have another question."
   "Let's hear it."
   Twilight took a breathe before she proceeded. Their footsteps silently echoed down the hall.
   "Did you really mean what you said in the notes?"
   Every morning, Luna had messaged her a cheerful "Good morning", every afternoon, a "have a great day" and every night they'd have long, deep conversations about philosophical things-well- sometimes not so philosophical- and talk to each other until they dozed off. Over the next few weeks, Twilight would develop an emotional bond with Luna. At homecoming she knew she cared about L, and when L turned out to be Luna, the feeling didn't leave. That feeling of being cared for, treasured and thought about, and giving back the same feelings to this person. And the thrill of having a special somebody…
When She'd seen Luna standing in front of her, she was taken completely by surprise.
   "Of course I did…I meant every word. And….And its okay." Luna turned to face Twilight.
   "It's...okay if you don't feel the same." Luna's voice trailed off.
   "But…" the eyes of the night princess lit up, a glint of hope appearing. They had stopped in the middle of the hall.
   "..But I…do."
   Luna blinked.
   "You do?" she repeated after Twilight in disbelief. And she nodded, slowly but sure about what she was saying.
   A grin formed across Luna's lips.

   "Would you like to have me see you to your dorm? I don't know if you're roommate will mind-"
   "I'm pretty sure she'll be gone." Twi already knew that Applejack had packed a few things before they'd left. And she'd accidentally grabbed Applejack's phone instead of hers and looked at the messages. It took her a moment to realize that the phone in her hands was not hers at all. Applejack had the same phone, and Twilight didn't have anyone in her contacts named "Baby Doll. "
It was obviously somebody she'd failed to tell her about. She guessed that she was going to spend the night with this "Baby Doll" of hers. And Twilight didn't mind at all.
After telling her about Applejack, Luna began to walk her to her dorm. They were out the school entrance, going down the stairs,
"Applejack is a very nice girl." Luna said.
" Yeah."
"I do look forward to keeping in touch with her. She sounds like an interesting person."
"Oh she is. She's actually the best cook I know! Sucks that she won't be here, but I gotta tell ya'. She is a very good cook and she doesn't mind cooking for a crowd sometimes. It really depends on how she feels."
"Well then I look forward to it." Luna nudged Twilight onward as they made their way down the sidewalk. They made the left turn onto the staircase. At the door, Twilight asked Luna to come in.

   Twilight opened the door with her card key, and Luna went on inside. They'd said their goodbyes to everyone they'd seen, and she'd also seen kids rush off shortly after the festivities began. She wondered what was so important that they had to leave the dance so soon. As Luna observed the living room, a very humble Twilight came about, with two boxes in her hands.
   "Would you like earl grey, or passion tea?"
   "passion sounds fine."
   They talked some more over tea, but Luna soon had to leave, her phone vibrating excessively after 11. Twilight had told her not to keep her sister waiting, but she also didn't want her to leave. They were having such a good time just talking to one another. They were sitting in her room,

   "It's funny how we find each other like this 7 years later." Luna smiled at Twilight again. Twilight grinned back.
   "It is…Why did you leave Canterlot?"
   "I got framed....It's not something I'd like to talk about at this point. Let's keep the atmosphere positive." Twilight nodded. If it was something she didn't want to talk about, she wasn't going to force her to tell her about it. That was for another time. Twilight made a note in her mind to ask her later, when she trusted her enough.
   "Did Celestia know you were taking me?" She asked.
   "What?" her eyes widened, and she thought quickly. If Celestia didn't know she was here with her, it was probably why she was texting her so much. Celestia seemed very cold towards Luna in public but she did not know how she really felt towards her. It'd be too uncomfortable.
   "I didn't tell her. I kind of wanted it to be a surprise, but judging from the look on her face....she might not have taken it the way i wanted her to. Now that I think about it, she still kind of thinks I'm a bad person. Or….a bad influence, i guess."
   "Well, i don't think you're a bad person. not after the way you've treated me tonight." Luna nodded.
   "I'm glad you think of me so positively."
   "No problem."
   "Twilight I have to ask you something." Said Luna.
   "Would you like to try seeing each other from now on?"
   "Yeah." She laughed.
   Twilight had never been asked this question before. And after a few seconds, she didn't know how to react. She knew she should be happy, but she was actually thinking about what Celestia would think of this. All she could do was stare at her and think 'This is Good…no this is bad…no what am I thinking, this is good' And then Luna's eyes found hers, and she was unable to look away. Her deep blue eyes gazed upon her with anticipation. She grinned at her, a certain charm lay in her , and it then was set in stone for Twilight.
   " Another yes or no question." she said coyly. Luna beamed at Twilight, putting an arm around her.
   "I promise i'll go to bed early," Luna said to her. Twilight chuckled at the irony.
i spent a while doing this. i think i also might go back and rewrite a couple of things, but then again i might just leave it all alone and just leave it there lol what's done is done.

Critique and Suggestions advised. but only if you want.
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